Woven Together…Generation to Generation

The stories, scriptures, and traditions of the Christmas season have been passed down to us throughout the generations. Many of us enter this season with a swell of memories and emotions as vast as the cultural and religious rituals this holiday holds.

Like a tapestry woven throughout time, the Christmas story weaves us in—to remember how God has shown up in the past, to continue the work of collective liberation, to behold the presence of God in flesh and bone. The work of God is always unfolding—in and through us.

This Advent, may you remember that you belong—to a story etched into the wrinkles of time, to generations that have come before and will come after, to a love that won’t let you go.

We’re proud to partner with Sanctified Art to provide e-reader and print editions of our Advent devotional and calendar.


LIFE will offer two opportunities for worship on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, including a laid back (you’re invited to wear your pajama’s!), collaborative Christmas morning experience with our friends at Gateway UMC.