Become better parents, learn about God, date in more healthy ways, overcome addiction and other recovery issues, heal marriages, and on and on.  

              The Congregational Care Ministry (CCM) is a relatively new ministry that offers trained pastoral ministers to meet with those in the congregation that ask for pastoral care.  The requests go through the pastor first and then, the ones that he/she is not caring for himself/herself, are passed onto the CCMs.  The CCMs do visitations to those that are experiencing some form of distress or suffering in their life.  They step in to offer spiritual support to those in need.

                LIFE Groups offer an opportunity for people to engage in an intimate setting where they can feel safe to discuss the questions that they have about life and God.  This space provides them room to open up and share with one another realizing that no one is alone.  They are encouraged to care for one another in times of need and to lift each other up in prayer every day.  By contemplating on scripture together, they empower one another to live out what they are studying.

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