What brings me Joy?

A reflection from Chris Ward. Chris is a member of our Communications Lead Team and is a crucial player in the production of our weekly livestream events.

One thing that brings me joy is making other people laugh. I feel that there are way to many stressors in this world to take things too seriously. In a time that everyone is under constant pressure, its nice to see someone laugh, and for that moment the stress is gone.

Another thing that brings me joy is volunteering here at LIFE.  We strive to make this experience the best we can.  Every Sunday we are aiming to do something that will make people notice the good things we are doing here.  And it brings me Joy is to see the people here enjoy and appreciate the hard work that everyone in the Worship team and the Production team puts forth every week.

What brings me Love?

These are some of the experiences that bring me Love:

·         Feeling the presence of God

·         Hugs from my Granddaughter

·         My Granddaughter boldly reciting the Lord’s Prayer beside me at church

·         Sharing God’s word with my Son and Daughter

·         Cuddling with my fur babies

·         Witnessing an unsolicited act of kindness

LIFE Church brings me unconditional Love:

·         Come as you are – no conditions

·         All are welcome – no exceptions

·         The passionate messages delivered by Larry and Amber and reminders that we are all children of God and Loved

·         The highly spirited and talented music performed by the worship team

·         The community outreach (food pantry, angel tree, etc.)

·         The welcoming congregation members

What brings me Hope?

A reflection from Nicholas Angelo, a LIFE Youth and member of the LIFE Communications Lead Team

What brings me hope is a few things. The people in my life are a big part of the hope I feel each day. Seeing and talking to the ones who love me,  make me feel upbeat and positive.  Their encouragement helps to keep pushing me forward when I’m feeling down. I feel very blessed to have been given such great people in my life.

Another big part of my hope is my church and my faith. I feel like an important part of my church community and that makes me feel hopeful. I know we do a lot through our church to help others and that makes me feel good because I know it brings joy to them. 

Another thing that brings me hope are some of my teachers who have made me feel important. They are patient and kind and take the time to help me when I need it. This helps me feel hopeful within my day at school.

Hope to me is important. With hope you feel like you can handle whatever life brings your way.